SULPHUR, Okla. (KFOR) – Generations of the Chitwood’s owned a family dairy farm in Edmond before it was covered up by Arcadia Lake. They then moved the operation to Sulphur.

The years went by and then a health crisis, life-or-death situation, Fred Chitwood was desperately in need of a kidney transplant.

His son, Bryce, was a match.  “He was the first son who was tested, and it was a match,” says family friend Amanda Williams. “Bryce didn’t even hesitate to say, “Okay I’m having surgery I’m donating my kidney to my dad.’” 

We told a little white lie to get Fred and his family, including Bryce, to meet us. We heard Fred recently found someone else’s letter jacket in his closet from all those years ago in Edmond.  We told them we wanted to do a story on him returning it to its rightful owner. 

After receiving the $400 cash reward from First Fidelity Bank’s Brad Willis, we sprang the Pay It Forward surprise. I told Fred, “This is a great story…what you did trying to return the letterman’s jacket, but that’s not why we’re here.”  Then we shifted our focus to Bryce.

Amanda told Bryce, “Without you donating your dad his kidney two years ago, he might not have this opportunity to give this letterman jacket back to his classmate.  So, I thank you for everything you do for Sulphur, Oklahoma and most importantly, your family.  And I would like to pay it forward $400.” 

Bryce was shocked.  “I don’t know what to say!”  Then said emotionally, “Hopefully he’ll be around for a lot longer and I’m just grateful I was in a position where I could do it.” 

Fred did know what to say about his son’s sacrifice for him.  With tears in his eyes, he told us, “This is my second kidney transplant.  I got one from my sister and it lasted 20 years…and then Bryce stepped up and gave me one. Just means the world to me.” 

Mom and wife Pam Chitwood said “It’s just really brought all together closer. Even though we were as close as you could get…we have a beautiful family and God has blessed us truly.”    Paying it forward to those who mean the most in our lives. Family.

For more information regarding organ donation, please visit LifeShare of Oklahoma’s website.

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