MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – Mustang Cemetery is the site of this week’s Pay It 4Ward.

This sacred ground is the final resting place for Amanda Summers’ baby boy.

“I was 19 weeks along, and he had no heartbeat,” Summers said. “This is actually a very serene place for me. When I’m feeling stressed or down, I come out here.”

Summers’ stillborn son, Bentley Josiah, is buried in the baby section, which lies in the shadow of the Mustang water tower.

A few months ago, Summers noticed gophers were starting to take over the grounds.

“It really worried me because my son is in a hospital casket,” she said. “I was really concerned about the destruction that they could do.”

She called Hobbs Pest Control for advice.

But instead of advice, the owner, Clayton Hobbs, came out to the cemetery and got to work, trapping and eradicating the harmful rodents for free.

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Amanda Summers

Summers believes the work would cost $4,000 to $5,000.

“This is a place of peace. I have walked this cemetery at night and in the evenings. It’s very calming,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Dawnetta Moore.

Since Hobbs Pest Control started servicing the cemetery, the gophers have been exterminated.

There’s virtually no sign they were ever a problem.

Amanda Summers nominated Hobbs for a Pay It 4ward for his generous work ridding the grounds of the pests.

News 4 and First Fidelity Bank surprised Hobbs at Mustang Cemetery with a $400 gift.

“It meant the world because I really was scared of what was going to happen. Not only with his grave. But with other people’s loved ones, as well.”

Hobbs was speechless.

He hugged Summers and told her it was his pleasure to help.

“As always, I will help anybody I can, when I can,” Hobbs said.

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Clayton Hobbs

It’s been a few months, but Hobbs remembers the night Amanda called in tears.

“When she called our heart just sunk,” he remembers. “It was pretty bad. It’s just the time of year when (gophers) all move in and you really couldn’t look anywhere without seeing a gopher here. There was no question we were coming. My heart told me we had to. I was glad to do it.”

Hobbs lost his mother not too long ago, and his father before that.

He knows the importance of having a quiet place to come and remember.

In fact, Hobbs Pest Control has added the Mustang Cemetery to his monthly service schedule.

He will continue to make sure the gophers stay away.

Hobbs is an exterminator whose service is one part elimination, one part restoration.

He plans to donate the $400 to Operation Freedom Outdoors which is a non-profit organization supporting outdoor activities for veterans.