HINTON, Okla. (KFOR) – If you live in the Oklahoma City metro area, you might take the library for granted.

Many small towns in Oklahoma, struggle to keep the library doors open and the shelves stocked.

In Hinton, Oklahoma, a gifted library specialist tends to the books and the readers because generations of readers come to the library to learn, to explore and to turn the pages of a new adventure.

Taylor Meriwether has been running things at the Hinton Public Library eleven years in July.

During her tenure, the little library has more than doubled in size.

“First Fidelity Bank loves partnering with KFOR to sponsor the Pay It 4ward program. It provides us an opportunity for us to recognize those that do such great things for others in our community,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Brad Willis. “She’s a perfect example of what the Pay It 4ward program is.”

The shelves and furniture are all new, part of a historic expansion championed by Taylor Meriwether.

“She’s always going above and beyond,” said Hinton Town Administrator Shannon Pack.

Meriweather was hosting a small class of students when News 4 and Janie Smallwood surprised her with $400.

“I’m completely speechless,” Meriwether. “This is rare.”

The $400 is small tolken of appreciation for the librarian who just doesn’t quit.

Miss Saylor brought the Regional Food Bank to the library for free afterschool snacks and sumertime meals for the kids.

“If we feed one child then we’re doing our part,” Merisether said. “It’s been really great.”

Meriwether has written grants to fund robotics and engineering classes, plus a tele-health area for adults.

Those grants provide incredible access to cutting-edge technology for hungry learners.

“We are very rural. but we have 3D printers, laser engravers,” Meriwether said. “Most of these kids have to go to the metropolitan area to see those types of things. So I wanted to bring it to our rural community because one of them may want to be an engineer and who knows, now they have the tools if they want to use them and we like to do that free of charge.”

Taylor Meriwether, Image courtesy KFOR

Everything at the Hinton Public Library is free, paid forward by a savvy librarian who’s dedicated her career to serving her hometown.

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