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TUTTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – This week’s Pay It 4Ward took us down the turnpike and just outside of Tuttle to A and B Roll Off, a dumpster service company, but they also sell local fruit. And that is how the employees here lured their coworker Takina Trevino to work. She thinks she is here to pick up a Rush Springs watermelon, but her coworkers really nominated her for Pay It 4Ward.

“She puts everybody before herself, no matter what,” Tristen Garcia said. “She’s just very selfless.”

But her latest act of kindness is the ultimate and is what made her nomination different.

“She decided that she was going to give somebody another chance at life, and she decided she was going to donate a kidney,” Garcia said.

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Takina Trevino

For the past two weeks, Takina has been home from work recovering from that surgery. The watermelon is here waiting for her, and so are we with $400, courtesy of First Fidelity Bank.

“We have $400 for you,” Garcia said.

Takina’s cousin needed a kidney, and Takina was a match. There was no hesitation.

“I already knew that it was me, and the doctors always said you’ll have to do this and this and this, but I never wavered,” Takina said. “I’m just the vessel for the Lord.”

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A warm embrace between friends.

Takina is bouncing back beautifully. Her spirit is as contagious as her smile. Her cousin is recovering, as well.

“He’s doing well. There are things his body has to adjust to. He’s got a new kidney. It didn’t work for 16 months, but now it’s working,” Takina said. “And it’s overly working, because the Lord gave him a great kidney.”

And gave Takina a great heart, too.

“I just love people. The Lord has put us all here for a reason, and we’re supposed to make a difference, and that’s my goal in life. If I can make a difference,” she said. “What you do today matters to influence and inspire others.”

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