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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Mexican vacation takes a dramatic turn for one couple from Oklahoma.

They were celebrating their anniversary in the Pacific Ocean when a life-threatening emergency caused the wife to jump to action.

Josh and Patty Allen were on a beach vacation to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, for their fourth anniversary when Patty heard some commotion onboard the boat.

Patty is a registered nurse with 15 years experience.

The last two years she’s been a frontline fighter at Inspire Specialty Hospital in Midwest City.

Nurse Patty knows how to spot a patient in distress.

“He was blue gray, no pulse,” recalls fellow nurse, Rhea Frick. “So, she immediately jumped into action and started CPR.”

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Patty Allen while on vacation.

Patty revived the passenger in cardiac arrest and then left her husband behind on the catamaran to travel to shore with her patient.

Frick knew as soon as she heard the story, this one would have a happy ending.

“I think she’s really a hero,” Frick said.

First Fidelity Bank is proud to recognize Patty Allen with a Pay It 4Ward Award.

“I wish we had more people like that in this world,” said First Fidelity Bank’s Pam Bollman.

 When Patty’s co-workers heard about her Pay It Forward nomination, they all turned out for the surprise.

“You’re a very strong nurse and an everyday hero, and you deserve this money,” Frick said.

First Fidelity Bank gave Patty Allen $400 – a small reward for heroism on the high seas.

“Two heart vessels were blocked. He had a heart attack. He had to have stents done in Mexico,” Patty remembers. “Thank God, God placed us there at that moment because I don’t know if it would have turned out good otherwise. We had no equipment. I’ve never done (CPR) outside a hospital with no equipment at all.”

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Patty Allen, a hero.

Patty Allen is humble about her role in this life-saving action.

In fact, she didn’t even tell her co-workers about the rescue when she got back home to Oklahoma.

Frick read about it on Facebook and spread the word.

“Oh! I’m so grateful that she would go out of her way to take the time to recognize me,” Patty said. “I’m so blessed for everybody I work with. We are such a good team.”

Patty’s anniversary adventure was last month.

She came home with a tan and a beautiful memory to celebrate year after year.

Also, Patty heard from her patient’s wife a few weeks ago.

He survived.

He spent several days in the ICU and he is now recovering at home in Minnesota.