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NEWCASTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Tammie Cobble is part of Cups of Love, an outreach ministry through the United Methodist Church of Newcastle. She has a passion for helping families in need around the metro.

Tammie does a lot of work with Graciela Lopez, who works for a childcare network through Sunbeam Family Services providing early childhood family services.

“Tammie helps my families in so many wonderful ways,” Graciela says.

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Tammie works tirelessly to provide for folks in need.

Whenever Graciela has a special request for a family in need, Tammie seems to always come through for them. Sometimes the folks at the agency just marvel at what Tammie can provide for those in need.

“She has food, she has clothing, and every family advocate partner that I supervise says she literally packs their cars down with stuff,” Sasha Gaddis, a supervisor for Sunbeam said. “So, they are able to give appliances, not just to one family, but they can provide the goods up between several families at one time if need be.”

For all she does, Graciela nominated Tammie for Pay it 4Ward.

After getting the $400 from First Fidelity Bank’s Diana Rawdon, we surprised Tammie when she was bringing another load of supplies for one of the families Graciela helps.

“Tammie, I nominated you because you have a beautiful heart,” Graciela told her. “You listen to all of my family’s needs.”

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Tammie (facing) as she is embraced by Graciela.

Tammie was overwhelmed.

“Oh my gosh…oh this, oh…I just can’t even tell you what this means…that I can help more people,” Tammie said.

And the $400 comes at just the perfect time.

“I kept saying, ‘God, I don’t know where this money is going to come from!’“

We can all rest assured Tammie Cobble will put the money to good use by paying it forward…one family at a time.

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