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SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – This week, First Fidelity Bank and KFOR are surprising a recovering addict who’s been paying it forward since she got sober 28 years ago.

Rhonda Collier is the director and founder of the Seminole County House of Hope.

House of Hope is a residential facility with room for nine women.

Coleen Nalley is a resident. She nominated Rhonda Collier for this Pay It 4ward award.

Nalley promised herself she would get clean on her 53rd birthday.

“I decided I was going to stay clean,” she said. “April 23rd was my last drink.”

Nalley has taken on the role of House Mom for the House of Hope.

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Rhonda Collier, Image KFOR

Janea Hailey moved in one month ago.

“We just go day by day. We do meetings. We do Bible studies,” Hailey said “They’re good friends. It’s nice to have real friends.”

Hailey was addicted to meth more than 20 years.

She is one month, four days sober.

Hailey believes Rhonda Collier is the reason she’s got a fighting chance at finally beating her addiction.

“She’s the awesomest lady ever. She cares about people. She never cares about herself.”

The House of Hope is a fresh start for women who are ready to conquer their addiction.

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Rhonda Collier with one of the many people she helps at House of Hope.

The House of Hope provides a soft spot to land, structure and tools for overcoming drug and alcohol abuse.

“God has called me to do this work,” said Collier. “I’m a recovering addict and we have to give back. That’s what addicts do. They give back. There is hope for a better way of life.”

Colllier is living proof for the women here that there is hope for a better way of life.

She helps them access rent assistance, find a job, connect with a support system and commit to staying clean.

“I’m going to be able to say ‘I’m 10 years clean’ someday. I’m going to be here hugging their neck,” said resident Shayla Danner, who is one year sober. 

When Danner celebrates that milestone, Rhonda will be here at the House of Hope with open arms.

Collier plans to spend the $400 awarded to her by First Fidelity Bank on items needed for the House of Hope and the women who are journeying through sobriety under her care.

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