NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Sometimes it takes a big brother…or in this case a “Big Brother.”  Norman police officer Casey Caspers is a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Norman.  

For the last four years he has been mentoring Kindall Green, a Norman 8th grader.  “He taught me how to be safe and responsible with and around firearms. He taught me how to duck hunt and deer hunt,” Kindall says. “He taught me how to fish and he taught me how to golf. And now we are taking Jiu Jitsu together.”  And in a letter to Casey…Kindall wrote, “I’m thankful that he opened my mind and way of thinking from the perspective of a man of the law.  The more I hung out with Casey the more I knew about him.  He’s a great guy, father, husband and the best big brother I could ask for.” 

Kindall’s mother says Casey is installing self-esteem in her son.  “Kindall’s been in the program since the end of his 4th grade year,” Liliana Salas told us. “It has been a complete turnaround. Definitely.  Just his performance at school.  His confidence level is just boosted up.  So high.” 

The change in her son has been such a blessing in both Kindall and Liliana’s life they wanted to nominate him for First Fidelity Bank’s Pay It Forward program.  “First Fidelity likes to recognize nice people like Casey,” bank rep Nyky Wilson told Liliana. “And it sounds like he has made all the difference in Wendell’s life.” After giving Liliana the 400 dollar cash prize we surprised Casey at the Big Brothers Big Sisters headquarters in Norman.  

“I’ll try not to cry,” Liliana said when presenting the cash to Casey. “You’re just amazing. Everything you do.  Your intentions are just pure. You are just a very humble genuine person. From the bottom of my heart, you know I thank you.” For Casey’s part he just feels it’s something he should be doing. “It was another police officer that sent out an email challenging people to do if. And I thought. I should be doing this.  It is something I can do.  And it is fun.  It is a good time. Hanging out and teaching new things.” 

Not just Pay It Forward for Casey on this day but he was also surprised with The Norman Big Brother of The Year award by Jeff Moody with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Norman. 

Big Brother Casey……Paying It Forward to help one young man make his way thru life. 

If you would like to become a force of change “click” Big Brothers Big Sister of Oklahoma for more information.

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