KONAWA, Okla. (KFOR) – “These are mom’s,” Sharetta Walker said. “She’s got pretty magnolias.”

It is hard to imagine what it is like to lose someone until it happens to you.

“These people over here, they don’t have anything,” she said. “They need something.”

Sharetta knows that feeling well. She lost her mother nine years ago.

“When I lost my momma, it became really important that everybody have flowers,” she said. “Everybody.”

And ever since, she has made sure they do – gone but not forgotten. Sharetta is known around town as the cemetery fairy.

“She goes to the cemetery to clean and replace flowers, but if she sees someone who doesn’t have any flowers, she immediately goes to her truck, pulls out some flowers, and puts on the grave,” Anita

Aldridge said. Anita nominated Sharetta for Pay It Forward.

“On behalf of First Fidelity Bank and Pay It Forward, I’m honored to give you this four hundred dollars for Sharetta Walker who is also known as the cemetery fairy,” Lynne Cross of First Fidelity Bank said.

Sometimes Sharetta repurposes flowers or buys them herself. Other times people donate them. Memories are kept alive.

“People don’t do it anymore,” Sharetta said. “They don’t decorate graves anymore, and when I’m out there I want people to walk by and say, ‘Wow. Look at those flowers. Somebody really loved this person right here. Somebody still does love this person right here.”

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