WEATHERFORD, Okla. (KFOR) – If you live in the Weatherford area, there is a good chance you know Blanche Ford.

“She has been a fixture in Weatherford for as long as I can remember,” Margaret Wray said.

If she did not cut or style your hair, maybe she helped you around when you needed it most, or maybe you have had her special banana bread.

“It was my mother’s recipe, and I do my hospital people on Tuesday and I take some on Thursday to the police station,” Blanche Said.

“She is just a good person,” Margaret said.

Margaret nominated Blanche for Pay It Forward.

Blanche Ford, Image courtesy Janice Koop

“She brings banana bread to the hospital, the police department, she helps out, she crochets afghans for the nursing home,” Margaret said.

On Thursdays you can find Blanche at the Weatherford hospital.

“She is at the volunteer desk helping patients get to the rooms, crocheting her afghans in between,” Margaret said.

While Blanche is inside volunteering, News 4 sneaks around to the building to the cafeteria and wait for Blanche.

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Pay it 4Ward

“Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe this,” Blanche said. “I do it, because I want to.”

From each and every person who has sat in her chair throughout those four decades to those on the frontlines,  Blanche loves people.

“I did hair at a beauty shop here for 42 years, and then I’ve been volunteering for 10-11 years out here since I retired. I didn’t retire until I was 82. I do like people. I do,” she said.  “Anything you can do to help.”