PERRY, Okla. (KFOR) – Perry, Oklahoma, peaceful, proud and prosperous. The same could be said of Coy and Janet Harmon, but you wouldn’t know it because they are humble and giving citizens spreading their goodwill as volunteers at Operation Blessing for Noble County.

“Linda thank you so much for nominating Coy and Janet Harmon,” says Dana Johnson with First Fidelity Bank. “We really value all the work they are doing through Operation Blessing and on behalf of First Fidelity Bank I would like to present you four hundred dollars to Pay it Forward.”

“We are here in Perry America and I’m talking to Linda who nominated this wonderful couple today. Tell me why you nominated them” says Kent

Coy and Janet have a true servants heart,” says Linda Parham. “They were born with a servants heart and they have done so many things for so many people and they fly under the radar and don’t want anybody to know it and I just thought it was time for us to thank them for what they have done for all the people in Perry and this area.”

Coy and Janet Harmo, Image courtesy KFOR

The Harmon family and some friends are ready for the surprise as we head in to Operation Blessing.

“You must be Janet, I’m Kent Ogle from Channel 4 how are you today? We have a little program at Channel 4 we call Pay it Forward where people who do excellent things around their community are honored by someone who nominates them. You guys have been nominated here by Linda today,” said KFOR’s Kent Ogle.

“Everyone one here knows that you two are the good Samaritans of the area and you are always looking to help other people anyway you can and you never expect anything in return,” says Linda. “On behalf of First Fidelity Bank and KFOR, I have four hundred dollars to give you.”

“Don’t let him have it,” jokes Janet.

“I spend it too fast so she wont let me have money,” says Coy, laughing.

Coy and Janet Harmo, Image courtesy KFOR

“We do it because we love to do it,” says Janet.

“Well you get to see the people’s faces,” says Coy.

The family says helping folks has just been a way of life.

“We just grew up in  a home where we knew they were going to give,” says daughter, Debbie Bolay

“Have your folks always been this way?” asks Kent.

The siblings jump in.

“Yes absolutely, absolutely jump right in. Constantly giving of their time. The best thing is they’ve always been a good example for all of us. Making a marriage last, doing right for other people. They’ve been a great example for us.”

A great example for all of us who could learn a thing or two about Paying it Forward from Coy and Janet harmon.

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