YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) — Rylie Tran knows how to fight.

And how to win.

She and her younger sister, Abby, are now cancer free – both diagnosed at just three years old.

“Rylie got diagnosed on her third birthday, and she got to ring the bell on my birthday,” her father, Long Tran, said. “Abby got diagnosed the day after her third birthday and got successful surgery on my wife’s 40th birthday. It’s crazy dates, but we can stand here and talk about them being cancer free and getting to share our story of hope.”

Rylie is now a senior on the Yukon High School Varsity Volleyball team. Each year, the high school chooses a local charity to support during what they call ‘Gold Out,’ and this year they chose FAITH Kids. Faith is Rylie’s middle name. It is also the name of the charity her family started after her diagnosis. While News 4 is upstairs with all the raffle items that will benefit FAITH Kids, Long Tran is on the court getting ready to talk about their charity. He has no idea he was also chosen for Pay It 4Ward.

“The goal of FAITH kids is to really be family for people going through having a child with a life threatening illness,” Jared Kennedy said. “And then on top of that Long himself provides tremendous emotional support for the parents of those kids. They’ve helped countless, hundreds of families.”

And that is why Jared is one of many who nominated Long for Pay It 4Ward.

“Long sounds like an incredible person with such a servant’s heart, and we are all about supporting those in need and those who are fighting for a good cause. So we’d like to give Long four hundred dollars today,” Caitlin Melgar of First Fidelity Bank said.

With permission from the opposing team, the referees stopped the game to Pay It 4Ward to Long.

“My name is Joleen Chaney. I’m with News 4, and we have a program called Pay It 4Ward. We are here to help support ‘Gold Out’ by recognizing a very special person in this gym tonight, and you Mr. Long Tran have been nominated by many people.”

“Thank you for being the best guy that I know,” Kennedy said. “You give more to your community than anybody.”

“On behalf of First Fidelity Bank and KFOR we are presenting Long with four hundred dollars.”

“Thank you! This is going to FAITH Kids,” Long said. “We connect families with other families, share resources with them, we help them pay bills, utilities, mortgages. Unfortunately we have to pay for a lot of funerals, but we do get to do some fun things, too. We do local make a wish type stuff for them.”

Paying it 4ward one diagnosis, one battle, and one victory at a time.

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Pay it 4Ward

“We started this charity to help others, because we know what it’s like,” Long said.

Pay it 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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