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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Fairview Elementary School Resource Officer Dewayne Hayes from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is making a world of difference for the kids at the Moore school. Especially for Tammy Wiles’ son, Bryson.

“My son has been struggling with learning to read. And he finally mastered reading a book, and Deputy Hayes heard that he could read the book and actually got him out of class one day and had Bryson just read the book to him. And that meant the absolute world to me,” said Tammy with tears in her eyes. “That is not something he had to do. He went above and beyond not only to keep our kids safe but to be a good example.”

That’s not all Deputy Hayes does at the school. He’s also the school crossing guard on a road that can be treacherous.

“89th street is a very busy street,” says school principal Tammy Robinson. “And he stands out there and actually puts his life on the line every day for us and our kiddos.”

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School Resource Officer Dewayne Hayes getting a hug from one of the kids he looks out for. Photo from KFOR.

When a homeless person with a pet wanders down 89th, or just a stray dog, Deputy Hayes is there for them too.

“He’s got bags of dog food ready to give to them, so their dog has food,” Assistant Principal Jessica Williams told us. “If he knows there’s a stray animal nearby, he’s out there trying to help us get the stray, so the dog is safe, but at the same time he’s feeding them.”

For that and many other reasons, Deputy Hayes was nominated for First Fidelity Bank’s Pay It Forward Award. After receiving the $400 from First Fidelity’s Ana Guerrero, we surprised Deputy Hayes out on the school playground.

Bryson handed over the cash while Tammy told the deputy why she nominated him.

“Bryson’s had some trauma in his life with seeing things with officers that has scared him. And before he came here, he was terrified of police officers. But now he wants to be a police officer because of you.”

Deputy Hayes was stunned.

“I’m in shock…floored. I don’t know what to say. Honestly this is not something I was expecting,” he said. “This place means so much to me ever since I started here. The kids, the parents, the teachers…this is amazing. Beyond anything I expected.”

Then it was hugs from teachers, staff and parents for the lawman who knows the meaning of service to others by paying it forward.