“They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself, and I’ve been seeing patients since then,” Connie McDivitt said.

And patients have been seeing it, too, since the day Connie started working at Loving Care Hospice in 2001.

For more than two decades Connie has helped families through some of their most difficult moments in life.

Connie McDivitt, Image courtesy KFOR

“She’s like an angel that walked through the door on your worst day,” Gail Hull said.

Connie was an angel when Gail needed it most. After 42 years of teaching, Gail was forced to retire to care for her husband and her mother. Her husband was diagnosed with state four kidney failure, and her mother fell and broke her hip.

That’s when Connie entered the picture. Gail nominated her for Pay It Forward.

“I nominated Connie because of her beautiful spirit,” Gail said. “She’s just a ray of sunshine.”

We surprise Connie during a home health visit.

“Thank you for nominating Connie. She is the perfect example of why we do this program and of why we like to recognize individuals like, the way you express yourself about her, how loving and caring she is and dedicated to her patients. She doesn’t like to take days off because she wants to ensure that she’s there when they  need her. On behalf of first fidelity bank, I’m presenting you with four hundred dollars to pay it forward,” Ana Guerrero  of First Fidelity Bank said.

We find Connie at the bedside of Gail’s mother.

“Connie, I nominated you for the pay it forward award for the great spirit that you have. Now we’re both going to cry. For your great spirit with your hospice patients especially my mother and husband,” Gail said. “When I found out that you rescue horses also and animals, it just touched my heart, and I just want everyone in Oklahoma to know how wonderful you are so thank you so much. You pay it forward every day Connie. One, two, three, four.”

“Oh, my goodness, thank you. I love you.”

“We love you, Connie.”

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“I’ve got the best job in the whole wide world. I wouldn’t be anything without my patients,” Connie said.

Connie believes some people work with their hands. Others work with their minds, but this job requires working with your heart.

“God puts you where he wants you to be, and this job has made me the person that I am today,” she said. “Our patients make us better people.”