OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Acquiring the land for roadways we all use requires compassion, patience and the human touch. For over four decades Diana Barlow has brought those qualities to the State Department of Transportation.

“She’s not only caring to her employees and her staff, but she is very much caring to those people that need her assistance on our projects,” says Robert Blackwell with ODOT. “That sounds like a delicate job” says Kent Ogle. “Very delicate and very emotional” says Blackwell..

Kent Ogle says “we are at the ODOT training center here in northeast Oklahoma City and we are going to have a lot of excitement. Today we have Brian Perceful here with First Fidelity Bank and Nick Granko who nominated Diana.

“We are and Nick on behalf of First Fidelity Bank we just appreciate you bringing Diana’s awesome story and all the great work she has done here with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and her years of service, and we just want to give these four hundred dollars to give it to her” says Brian. “This is a thank you for all she is doing for the state and all her colleagues.”

There is a training seminar underway that Diana is attending so we are going in.

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“Good morning, everyone! we are crashing the party for a minute today. I’m Kent Ogle from Channel 4. We have a little program we call Pay it Forward we do with First Fidelity Bank. We honor people around town who have done something special, or who have gone above and beyond or how about are just plain awesome! Nick here has nominated someone that is here in the room today and says that she is an amazing co-worker, and everybody loves her! You know who I’m talking about Diana Barlow. She is our Pay it Forward recipient this week! So, Diana, congratulations!” 

Nick tells her why he nominated her.  “Well as a boss I know you in 3 different ways, as a boss, as a friend and as a Christian, and as a boss you are an asset to the agency, you always go above and beyond the call of duty to train us very well, you never lose your temper I’ve never seen you in a foul mood, as a friend I know all you family that you take care of, our step brother joe, you take people in, you sell roses on the weekend, you’re just a fantastic person” says Nick.”So here is some money that they gave us, four hundred dollars paying it forward.”

Diana has handled many a tough situation in her role at ODOT but says she wouldn’t trade it or anything. “I love everybody I work with and I have enjoyed my time here. It’s been the best journey. I couldn’t say that there could be any better job than to work for ODOT. It’s one of the best places in the world to work and all these people are my family” says Diana.


Pay it 4Ward

A family that obviously adores her and her work to keep us all on the road again.

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