Stay at home mom pays it 4ward to a stove repairman

Pay It 4ward
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OKLAHOMA CITY — Like lots of stay at home moms, Casie Patterson works hard in the kitchen.

She’s got a loving husband and two tiny mouths to feed.

Recently, while cooking for the in-laws and grandparents, Casie had a kitchen crisis.

“I was boiling potatoes and cooking bacon and psst. My bacon stopped sizzling,” Casie said.

Casie called Metro Appliance Service.

Technician Kris Hammond delivered the bad news.  Her stove top was fried, and replacement parts were on back order. She’d be at least eight weeks without a stove.

“She broke down and the one thing she said that really stuck with me, ‘I have one job and I can’t do it,’ and that’s to feed her boys,” Hammond said.

“He was looking at me and said ‘please don’t cry.’ I said ‘I’m sorry you don’t understand. I cook all the time, that’s what I do I’m a stay at home mom. That’s my deal. That’s my thing. I don’t want them eating out of a paper bag,'” Casie said.

Kris was so moved by Casie’s tears and commitment to her children.

So he came back two days later… with a brand new appliance, paid for and installed free of charge.

“I was really happy to be a recipient of some kindness, and now I’m happy that I can pay it forward,” Casie said. “God bless you guys. Thank you so much.”

NewsChannel 4 lured Kris back to the house, claiming that Casie was having more stove problems.

“I’m so thankful that you took my family into consideration and did such a wonderful thing for us. Not many people do that, especially for people they don’t know, so I want to give you this money,” Casie said.

“I told you you don’t owe me a thing. You are taking care of the family, that’s all I care about,” Kris replied.

Kris Hammond may not realize it.  But he was an answered prayer for a family that struggles to get by.

“Something told me I had to do it.  Not sure if it was a higher power, they touched my heart and I knew I had to do it,” he said.

The humble appliance repairman isn’t really sure how he’ll use the $400 gift.  All he really needed was the satisfaction of knowing he’d done a good deed for a family in need.

“Keep on paying it 4ward  absolutely  every chance I get,” he said.


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