Strangers become guardian angels to one metro family after horrific car crash

Pay It 4ward

MOORE, Okla. – 16-year-old Bo Ross II remembers the first things he recalls from a fiery crash he was involved in on I-35 near Moore.

“Just screaming and panic,” Bo says. “And once I calmed down I realized I’ve got to get out of the car.”

That’s when 2 angels appeared. Their names: Jeff and Tena Smith.

Total strangers to the Ross family.

They got Bo out of the car and what a blessing it was that Tena works in the medical field as a surgery tech and has emergency room training.

“We were waiting on the paramedics and trying to keep him calm,” Tena remembers. “His car was actually on fire at the time and by time paramedics got there and right after they started to get the collar on him the car started to explode.”

Bo’s mother, Brandy nominated Jeff and Tenna for Pay It Forward.

“Jeff and Tena were driving by and nobody else was helping my son get out of the car,” said Brandy. “And so they stopped and pulled him to safety and pulled him down in the ditch. When I talked to the paramedics they said if Tena and Jeff hadn’t been there it would have been tragic.”

Linda Maynard from First Fidelity Bank gave us the $400 award money and Brandy set up the Pay It Forward surprise at a Hollies Restaurant in Moore.

And Jeff and Tena were surprised!

But Jeff told us, “We don’t feel like heroes. We were at the right place at the right time. The real heroes are these guys,” pointing to Bo’s parents. “How these guys have been raising their son. In the midst of adversity and everything that was going on…he had his wits about him.”

The near tragedy has produced a special bond between the two families.

“We’re very blessed that they are in our lives,” Bo’s dad told us. And Brandy told the Smiths, “God put you there and you’re going to be in our lives for the rest of our lives.”

Because they were willing to help a stranger in desperate need.

Tena and Jeff Smith are living proof of Paying It Forward.

Pay It Forward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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