OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Saving people and helping families, that’s Brian Smith’s passion. 

Brian is the coordinator for Oklahoma City Metro Search and Rescue, a volunteer group helping local law enforcement.

“Our motto is…The Bible verse Matthew 18:12. If a man had 100 sheep will he not leave the 99 on the hill to go and find the one,” Brian says.  

Wherever they are needed, and local law enforcement requests their help, OKCM SAR is there.  Brian helps train volunteers who want to be part of the group and pays for most of it out of his own pocket. Whatever the cost may be. 

“I was just watching him the first time out with him out I could tell he’s all in,” said Krystal Stone who is starting a search and rescue in Duncan. “When we went to lunch, he paid for everybody’s lunch and he’s just a great guy.” 

Sherry Hull with OKCM Search and Rescue nominated Brian for Pay It Forward because of his amazing generosity and dedication to family’s desperate to find loved ones.

“He’s gone out and searched for missing people with his mom in the hospital.  On Father’s Day he gave up some precious time he had set aside with daughters to go find somebody.  This man is very selfless.”  

After getting the 400-dollar cash prize for Pay It Forward from First Fidelity Bank’s Raheem Hargraves we went to Moore to surprise Brian.  He is also a home remodeler and working on a new project when we surprised him.

When she presented him with the cash Sherry told him, “The Good Lord says that whatever you give to the poor you are lending to Him, and he repays it.  You do more than give to the poor you give to everybody,” Sherry told him. “And I want to thank you.  You do not know how much you mean to me and to all those families out there who are missing people.  You continue to give and give and give and you never take a day off. So, thank you very much.”    

From finding missing infants to helping law enforcement solve crimes, Brian Smith knows the importance of paying it forward. 

“Search and rescue is the one thing that encompasses everybody,” Brian told us. “It knows no gender it knows no race.  It knows no political affiliations. Missing is missing.  And if you’re missing, we’re going to help find you.”

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.