EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — When you go to a middle school football game, you expect to hear lots of cheers from parents or grandparents in the stands. However, one woman you’ll hear cheering at Cimarron Middle School football games in Edmond, works in the school cafeteria.

“Cookies for sale, 75 cents!” Erma Rollerson shouts to students in the cafeteria, who not only get lunch, but sometimes they also get a show.

“Yes, we do! We believe in you! Panthers!” Erma cheers, while getting the students to join in.

“Ms. Erma,” as they call her, started cheering at a young age—and never stopped!

From the cafeteria to the sidelines, Ms. Erma’s enthusiasm is encouraging to both students and their parents.

“After the game, my son was like, ‘She’s the best lunch lady ever. We love her so much!'” Savana Johnson said.

Seventh grade football players Micheal Tucker and Ryder Adams agree.

“It pumps us up to keep going and to not give up,” Micheal said. “It makes me laugh,” Ryder chimed in. Micheal replied, “It makes me happy.” Ryder nodded, “It makes me happy too. We have the best lunch lady.”

Ryder’s mother, Ashley Adams, appreciates Ms. Erma’s encouragement so much, she nominated her for a $400 Pay It 4Ward award from First Fidelity Bank.

“They are her kids. The whole team. The whole school. And the fact that she goes to any event that she possibly can, no matter what grade, no matter what sport, she’s just out there, just cheering for them,” Ashley said.

Ashley, Ryder, Micheal and our News 4 crew surprised Ms. Erma in the cafeteria. This time, it was the students who were cheering for her.

“All these kids are screaming for you!” News 4’s Heather Holeman told Ms. Erma, as Ryder and Micheal handed over the cash.

“Thank you all! Thank you all!” Ms. Erma said as she hugged each boy, before breaking into a cheer.

“Our school is what? Dynamite! Our school is what? Dynamite!” Mr. Erma shouted along with the kids.

The lifelong cheerleader also has a second job, but when she’s free, you’ll find her on the sidelines, and also cheering at basketball games.

Her children are now adults. So, with no relatives on either team, why does she do it?

“I just love them all.” Ms. Erma said. “To encourage them, to pump them up. To get a w-i-n, a win.”

The Pay It 4Ward award had such an impact on Ms. Erma, she decided not to accept a new job offer. “I was offered another position. This right here, I’m gonna stay,” she said.

“It’s overwhelming, there’s just no words to explain just how awesome it is. It just brings me to tears. It shows that they really care and appreciate me,” Ms. Erma continued.

Ms. Erma Rollerson is the true w-i-n for nearly 900 Cimarron Middle School students.

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Pay it 4Ward

“Who are we? Panthers! Alright! Give it up!” she cheered.

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Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.