YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – From their playful, wagging tails to their snuggles and companionship, many dog owners consider their pets a member of the family.

“He was like my child,” Robin Cummins said of her Boxer, Gunther.

Robin’s Boxer, Gunther. Photo courtesy: Robin Cummins

Robin rescued Gunther, and showed him the kind of love that every dog dreams of.

“He slept in bed next to me every night. He followed me everywhere I went,” Robin said.

Her house backs up to a busy stretch of Route 66 in Yukon, and sits behind a six-foot wall – but Gunther still managed to get out.

Robin’s Boxer, Gunther. Photo courtesy: Robin Cummins

“I got a phone call at about 4:30. He asked if I had a Boxer, and I told him yes, and my heart kind of sank. He said, ‘Well, he’s been hit. I’m taking him to the vet.'” On the other end of the line was Trevor Westfall, a junior at Yukon High School.

After seeing Gunther get hit, Trevor loaded him in his car, called Robin, and met her at the vet.
And Trevor stayed with Robin through everything, including saying goodbye.

Trevor paid for Gunther’s cremation as a gift to Robin. Photo: KFOR

“He paid for the cremation, and he also stayed through the whole process and gave me a hug, and then messaged me later and asked if I was okay and if I needed anything,” Robin said with tears in her eyes. “He’s 17-years-old, and you just don’t find young men like that these days.”

To thank Trevor, Robin nominated him for a $400 Pay it 4ward award from First Fidelity Bank.

During school hours, Trevor was called to the principal’s office, where Robin surprised him with the award.

“On behalf of First Fidelity Bank, Trevor, we’re going to pay it forward to you with $400,” she said.

“Are you serious?” Trevor said before leaning in to hug Robin.

Robin replied, “I wanted to say thank you. You’re a great young man, and you’re going to go far in life.”

Trevor also owns a Boxer, but no matter the breed, he knows the unconditional love that dogs so freely give.

“I couldn’t leave. I saw the dog, I saw him get hit, and I couldn’t in my right mind just see the dog sitting there, laying there on the ground, and not do something about it,” Trevor said. “I was pretty sad, I was heartbroken, knowing there was nothing else I could do.”

But in Robin’s eyes, Trevor did so much. “I had somebody with me and I wasn’t by myself,” she said.

From Trevor’s companionship during Gunther’s final moments, to paying for his cremation – both were priceless gifts to Robin.

Robin hugs Trevor after honoring him with a Pay It 4Ward award. Photo: KFOR

“He is an upstanding young man. I was really overwhelmed and really appreciative,” Robin said.

While Trevor, a part-time employee at a tow truck company, paid for Gunther’s cremation, the driver who accidentally hit Gunther paid for the vet bill. Robin only knows that his first name was Joe, but he left before Robin arrived at the vet. Robin would like him to know that she is so grateful for his gift, as well.

If you know someone deserving of a pay it forward award, you can nominate them here.

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