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YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A Yukon home was transformed into a food pantry party, which was all made possible by the Quarter Campaign to Assist Families in Need.

It’s the brainchild of Janille Otts.

Today, she and her friend Chantel Kirk are having lunch at The Big Easy restaurant in Yukon.

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Janille Otts

Sara Hatfield nominated Janille after seeing her work on social media. She met me at the shopping center and the surprise is on.

“Hi, Janille. You are, Janille? My name is Kent Ogle. I’m with Channel 4. We have a program called Pay It Forward where we recognize people who go way above and beyond for their community and I know Chantel is involved with you on this and she has nominated you. And Sara here who saw your stuff on Facebook nominated you for this award as well. Sara tell her why you nominated her,” I said.

“I noticed you on Yukon Happenings Facebook group and I see everything that you and Chantel do together to help our community and it really shows online. And I was really looking forward to seeing you in person and this is just a little bit of what we can do for you and I think everybody appreciates it,” says Sara.

Chantel adds, “Well, I started at Christmas time with her to help families in the community who needed Christmas help with their kids. And she is so sweet and she wants to help everybody and so I just continue to help her. I do a lot of the footwork for her.”

I say, “That’s fantastic and Sara, I think you have something else.”

“Yes, I do,” says Sara. “I have $400 cash here and on behalf of First Fidelity Bank and News Four here is $400 for paying it forward.”

“Thank you so much! That is so sweet! You got me there,” says Janille.

Janille and Chantel use the money they raise with the Quarter Campaign to sponsor these types of events.

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Janille turns helping folks in need into a festive experience.

They make it a party atmosphere with popcorn, cookies, watermelon, and snow cones all at no charge for those in need.

“Well I grew up in the Phillipines and I went to a Catholic school and we always worked hard to always help the poor,” says Janille. “Even if we are the poor. So I always want to make a difference in the community always. Like I always find something. Like what can I do today to help?”

Answering the call. Paying It Forward from a front porch in Yukon.

Pay It Forward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.