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OKLAHOMA CITY – Today was exam day for Oklahoma City Zoo’s newest feline family.

These two guys and one girl—Tanka, Toho and Tawakoni—just arrived in Oklahoma.

“These guys were actually found in a den site in the state of South Dakota, and game officials were able to locate that den, figure out that the mother was no longer around,” said Tyler Boyd with the Oklahoma City Zoo.

They couldn’t survive in the wild without their mother, so authorities took them into captivity.

At just nine weeks old, zookeepers gave them a full check up before introducing them to their new home.

Vets checked out their teeth, drew blood, made sure that everything was good to go.

Once the health check comes back clear, the two males will take up residence at the Oklahoma Trails exhibit.

But Tawakoni, the female, has to move on. She’s going to be headed to Texas.

“Typically as these guys grow and develop, they’re gonna form pair bonds like brothers together… and in order to have them not breed together we’re splitting up the group after the grow and develop and learn how to become mountain lions,” Boyd told News 4.

The two males are set to move into their forever home at Oklahoma Trails about a month from now, and the female will head to Waco, Texas right around the same time.

Zookeepers say it’ll take the cubs awhile to get used to their new home.