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You could say one photographer is making waves with her pictures.

This North Carolina photographer specializes in turning girls into mermaids.

Like many little girls, Ann Lynn dreams of becoming a mermaid.

“I love mermaids, they’re so beautiful,” Ann said.

Today’s her lucky day because her dream came true.


The woman who captured this experience is photographer Kelly Lynne Burke.

“I used to spend my summers in Cape Hatteras. I would lean up against the lighthouse and imagine mermaids are swimming in. A couple of years ago, I got the idea to actually start shooting mermaids,” Burke said.

The idea quickly became popular among little girls and even big girls.


“From the get-go it was a rush. Everybody wanted to be a mermaid. I’ve had babies, I’ve had newborns, I’ve had mothers,” Burke said.

Lynne now travels up and down the East Coast to photograph the legendary sea creatures.

“The minute a little girl puts on a tail, she becomes the mermaid. She gets a glow and she looks down at her tail and she’s like, I really am a mermaid. It’s the coolest thing to watch,” Burke said.

A transformation that makes some take a closer look as they stare off into the sea.

Burke has over 20 mermaid tails that she brings to the beach for her photoshoots.