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SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) — A local pizza branch has got people talking, thanks to some very clever advertising.

While most places will advertise a special deal to get you inside the door, this one is taking a different approach and it has the restaurant raking in the dough.
“I sit here and watch the customers go by and take pictures on their phones as they’re driving by and you know that’s ending up on social media and it builds far more awareness than having a special on a pizza,” said Chris Bernier, Dominoes general manager.

He said the witty signs are giving business a big boost.

“We’re doing double the sales we were five years ago and we’re one of the highest volume stores in the region,” he said.

Next to the busy intersection of State and Bay roads managers say they haven’t seen any traffic accidents caused by drivers trying to read the signs and even businesses across the street say they too are reaping the benefits.

“It brings more business to the corner, from Dominoes even to us,” said Nick Burnell, with State & Bay Automotive.

Bernier, who comes up with most of the sayings on his own, said he’s surprised by all the buzz.

“I’ve had people stop by in the store just because they want to shake my hand,” he said.

With each humorous phrase he’s feeling the pressure to make each sign more creative than the last.

“It’s almost like it’s expected to happen, and it gets more and more difficult, like I have to keep hitting new levels,” Bernier said.

It’s a challenge Bernier said he’s ready to take on. He tries to change the signs every couple of months.

Most businesses use signs to promote specials, but at one Dominoes Pizza in Saginaw, edgy phrases are not only drawing attention from nearby drivers, but they’re trending on social media sites like Imgur and Pinterest.