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PIEDMONT, Okla. –  A local porch pirate following the delivery truck, waiting for the driver to drop off packages and drive away, that`s when the crooks pull up and grab the gifts.

“It is very bold; I think to go on people`s property and take their stuff,” said Dawn Tucker.

The holiday season is supposed to bring joy. But for an Oklahoma woman, a Grinch, has caused nothing but frustration. “It is upsetting, and I think he must be very desperate to do that.”

Dawn Tucker says she watched the entire theft as it happened through her home security camera. As expected, the delivery driver drops off packages to her Piedmont home. “One from Varma and one from Amazon. Christmas gifts, place mats, nothing too exciting.”

Moments later, a man sprints across her driveway, his hands full of Dawn’s deliveries, and begins to load up her boxes into his SUV.  Tucker believes he was following the truck waiting for the driver to make a delivery.

She says this wasn’t his first time. “He is making the rounds. He stolen, well knocked in a door of a building in Piedmont and took things out of their building like their package on the porch. And he stole a $16,000 spray rig trailer from someone`s porch.”

The U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver 900 million packages this holiday season, but says, nearly 26 million Americans reported their packages were stolen. “You don`t realize how upsetting it can be to realize someone came to your porch and took your stuff. We don`t live right on the street, we are far out, so it is not something we ever really thought about.”

She’s now warning others, so they don’t become another statistic. “Don`t leave things on your porch. Have them shipped to an office or somewhere else so they are not sitting out there if you are not going to be home.”