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EDMOND, Okla. – Residents across the metro aren’t the only ones preparing for the upcoming winter weather.

Pizza delivery restaurants are also gearing up for the icy forecast this weekend.

As temperatures grow colder, business at local pizza joints heats up.

When inclement weather strikes local pizzerias are likely to see double the calls.

Friday, a metro Papa Murphy’s had to close its doors for about an hour.

A sign posted on the door said the store was temporarily closed until new dough could be made due to the weather and high volume of customers.

Over in Edmond, owner of Stars and Stripes Pizza Allan Kharbouch said he learned the hard way and now knows to stock up before severe weather hits.

“Pizza business has always been called a disaster business, you know, because your business always goes up, your sales always goes up when the weather is bad,” Kharbouch said. “I’ve been in very tough spots where the customer called me and I say ‘I’m sorry I’m out of pepperoni’. That does not sound good for a pizza place.”

The restaurant ordered two extra trucks full of food and supplies to get ready for weekend.

Kharbouch said he also brought in more employees and drivers to handle all the calls.

However, he said if the roads get too slick drivers will be pulled off the streets and the restaurant will only be open for pick up.

Just in case the power goes out, the owner also said he has a backup generator.