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MARION, Indiana – An Indiana pizza delivery man was surprised by a class of college students with a hefty tip.

The students of Indiana Wesleyan University fill the seats of the campus chapel every Wednesday at 10:00 am for student worship. But today, thanks to the president of the residential campus, Dr. Keith Newman, things were a little different.

“Dr. Newman started off kind of praying, like, ‘lord, let this be a good service even though it’s going to be very untraditional.’ He had this idea, it was a quote from Andy Stanley, and the basic premise is do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. If you can’t bless the entire world, at least care about somebody who is right next to you,” said IWU Chaplain Charlie Alcock.

With that spirit in mind, the more-than 3,000 students started writing inspirational letters. But Dr. Newman had one other special task.

“He asked the lady to go and order pizza. At first I thought we were all going to get pizza, but then as he began to talk about it, he revealed that he would be bringing the guy on stage, and we were going to bless him with an offering.”

So the students took up an offering, while an unsuspecting James Gilpin hopped into his car with two hot pizzas.

“When James, the guy who actually delivered the pizzas, walked into the building, they brought him right on stage, and at that point said, ‘you know what, thank you for all that you do, thank you for, you know, you doing what you do, and we want to say, you matter,'” said Alcock.

“When I walked up to him and he started talking to me, I was wondering what was going on,” said delivery driver James Gilpin.

James was surprised to say the least. Dr. Newman handed him a piece of cake, a sack full of notes, and…

“He gave him a tip of a little over $1200,” said Alcock.

Twelve-hundred sixty-eight dollars, to be exact. James says he’ll use that money to help provide a nice Christmas for his 5- and 6-year-old, but he’s already drawing inspiration from the handwritten notes.