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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Multiple employees were injured during a shooting at a McDonald’s in Oklahoma City over the restaurant’s COVID-19 dining room policy.

Police say it started around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening when a woman entered the McDonald’s, near S.W. 89th and Penn, expecting to be able to sit down and eat.

Due of COVID-19, employees told the woman, who was identified as 32-year-old Gloricia Woody, that dining rooms at McDonald’s are still closed.

Police say Woody refused to leave and a physical altercation ensued between her and an employee. 

Investigators say she left the restaurant, but immediately returned with a handgun. 

Police say she fired three rounds in the restaurant, causing multiple employees to take cover and call 911. 

Victim: “Someone came in and shot a gun. Please, I need help.”

Dispatcher: “Someone came in and shot a gun?”

Victim: “Yeah, please, I need help, please.”

Caller: “There was a lady that came in, and she didn’t want to leave.  My manager, she was, my manager was trying to get her out.  She was like arguing with her, and then she got out, then the lady pulled out a gun and she started shooting up McDonald’s. All the workers just ran.”

Four employees were injured, and three had to be transported to the hospital.

One employee was shot in the arm, while a second employee was hit with shrapnel in the neck and shoulder area. Officials say a third employee was hit with shrapnel in the side.

According to police, two of the employees are just 16-years-old.

Authorities were able to track down Woody a few blocks south of the McDonald’s and took her into custody without incident.

KFOR spoke with one McDonald’s employee who says this isn’t the first time a person was angry that the dining room was closed.  

“She was like, ‘Why are you not open? It’s already May 1st.’ The manager explained to her that we don’t open for two weeks,” Jose Lopez said. “Then she got mad. Nothing bad happened, she just threw her sandwich at the manager’s face.”

KFOR also talked to many of the employees, who did not want to go on camera, as they were shaken up and worried about their friends’ safety.

They say in all, there were about eight employees inside and they all ran for the back door when the gunfire started.

McDonald’s released a statement about the incident on Thursday saying:

“The safety and security of our employees and customers is our top priority. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved, and the good news is that we can report the employees who sustained injuries are expected to make a full recovery. This is a heinous crime on our restaurant employees who were trying to support public health efforts. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement as they continue to investigate this matter.”