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OKLAHOMA CITY – A dozen elementary students in Oklahoma City are recovering after authorities say a dog attacked the children while they were on a school playground.

Just before 1 p.m. on Monday, dispatchers received several 911 calls from teachers and administrators at Millard Fillmore Elementary School.

“We have a mad, out-of-control dog on our playground. It’s already bit a teacher and some kids, and we need somebody to come get the dog,” one caller told dispatchers.

During the 911 call, they learned that about seven kids were bit.

“We need animal control immediately. We’ve got a pit bull on our playground, attacking children. We have over 13 children that have been injured,” another caller said. “Please send someone immediately.”

In all, 12 students were taken to a hospital for treatment for superficial bites and scrapes as children tried to run away from the dog.

“The dog came on and started to attack some of the kids, and then of course the kids began to scream and panic, which excited the dog and scared the dog even more, so his natural instinct was to keep biting and going after the kids,” said Capt. David Macy, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

The dog is currently in the custody of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.