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OKLAHOMA CITY –  Emergency crews are investigating a deadly truck fire in northwest Oklahoma City.

It happened just before 2 a.m. Thursday near Memorial and Portland.

Witnesses called police saying a truck was all over the road before it crashed into a hotel parking lot and then caught on fire.

Authorities say the witnesses claimed a driver was heading eastbound on Memorial, hit a bridge, but kept on driving.

Shortly after, the hotel staff called 911 saying a disabled truck was in the parking lot.

Officers say it was the same vehicle that had hit the bridge minutes before.

According to investigators, even though the truck was disabled, the driver inside had the gas pedal floored, spinning the tires.

Then, they say the tires blew and sparks from the rims started to fly, which caught the truck on fire with the driver inside.

When fire crews got there, they put out the flames and found the driver, Walter Garner, 72, of Kansas.

It’s not known if the driver was killed before the fire started or from the flames.