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OKLAHOMA CITY – A man is behind bars after an infant he was fostering was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Police say 24-year-old Austin Davis allegedly abused the 2-month-old boy and was arrested after doctors discovered injuries consistent with being shaken.

Authorities say the infant had been in the foster home for about 24 hours when the incident occurred in the 1000 block of N.W. 89th.

The child was in DHS custody before being handed over to the Indian Child Welfare program for the Choctaw Nation.

DHS says if a child has any tribal blood, he or she must be given to that tribe’s welfare program due to the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Neighbors were shocked to find out what happened on their street.

“First of all, you’re a monster,” said Barbara Thompson. “How dare you, to a helpless, innocent child that has no way of fighting back at all.”

Police also say if the boy dies, his death could be deemed a homicide and Davis could face a murder charge.

Right now, Davis is in jail for child abuse.