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OKLAHOMA – There’s a search for an alleged burglar caught in the act – first by surveillance cameras and, then, by a business owner.

Police are calling him an alleged serial burglar.

Police said the crime spree started at Domino Equipment Company.

They said the suspect got inside through a window, grabbing laptops, saws and other tools – whatever could be sold for a quick buck.

The suspect tripped the alarm and was confronted by the owner with a gun.

He said the suspect was trying to drive off in a white company truck.

He ended up crashing it and getting away.

The business owner said the damage to the work truck and equipment is in the thousands.

Then, police said the man headed to his next target: a taco truck just around the corner.

“He didn’t take much, but the damage he did was a lot,” said Moises Brambila, El Taco Express.

From there, he moved on to another company, advanced building products.

The owner, Jeff Merrell, said the man was able to get into this locked tool box stealing harnesses used for big jobs.

“They are about $250 or $300 a piece,” he said.

This isn’t the first time this business has been hit, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

“It’s very upsetting,” Merrell said. “We work hard and stay late, and we feel like, for someone to come and do that instead of working hard like everyone else, it’s not good.”

The only upside, he said, is the crook didn’t get to keep what he came for.

“He did get away with the stuff, but we found out where he stashed it, and we got all of the material back this time as far as we know,” Merrell said.

Merrell believes the suspect planned to come back but, because security showed up, he couldn’t get access to the stash.

“There’s a building back there, and I think he climbed the fence and walked to that one, and we found the tools on the stairwell back there,” Merrell said.