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OKLAHOMA CITY – Tuesday metro police canvassed a neighborhood in southeast Oklahoma City looking for any clues as to where a baby found dead over the weekend came from.

A dog found the baby girl’s body Saturday morning in the area near S. E. 149th St. and Air Depot.

The dog brought the baby to a woman who was house sitting for the family.

Tuesday morning police were back out hoping to find answers.

All police really know right now is the baby is a girl.

Beyond that there are still so many questions.

Police went door-to-door in the area where the baby was found hoping to find answers.

Oklahoma City Police Homicide Investigators, Detectives and Cleveland County Deputies gathered just south of where the baby was found, mapping out the area, checking every spot.

Captain Dexter Nelson said, “We’re trying to make contact with every resident in the area to determine if they saw anything, if they are familiar with the dog, if the dog was in their area.”

That dog, “Luke,” found the baby.

Some residents, who didn’t want to go on camera, said they frequently see Luke in their area; others were not familiar with the pup.

Crews searched the area using ATVs, flying over ponds and wooded areas in Air One and walking door to door.

Police are hoping to find a blanket, a bag or some type of evidence.

They said the search is not only about figuring out where the baby came from but finding out if the mother is OK.

Nelson said, “We just know due to the nature of the body the female, the mother could be in some danger as far as her health.”

Police are looking into any and all leads that are coming in.

While they went to every door, they may go back later in the week in order to make contact with residents who were not at home.