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OKLAHOMA CITY – Those who knew her say 82-year-old Ikuko George had a schedule.

From tending to her flowers out front, running errands and doctors appointment, her day was pretty routine.

On Monday, she was scheduled to get picked up by a cab driver and taken to a doctor’s appointment.

It was a standing appointment, and she confirmed it with the cab driver two nights before.

The driver said, when George didn’t come outside, he started to worry.

When more time passed, he called the police to come out and check on her.

Police checked the welfare at the home in the 3100 block of S.E. 54th Street.

“When officers went to the residence, they found her inside. She was deceased,” said Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “She had trauma to her body consistent with being a victim of a homicide.”

The cab driver said he was told by police the back door was unlocked, and the inside of the home was trashed.

Police said there were signs of trauma on George’s body.

“That is a very odd age to become a homicide victim,” Knight said. “Usually, you’ll see victims a lot younger and, often times, they are engaged in some type of illegal activity. There is no indication that is going on here.”

Neighbors tell us George lived alone but has a son who lives out of state.

If you have any information about what happened to her, call police.