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TONKAWA, Okla. – Agents in Tonkawa are investigating a plan to possibly attack a local high school.

On Dec. 11, officials with the Tonkawa Police Department received a tip about a possible mass shooting plot at Tonkawa High School.

During the investigation, authorities learned that a 13-year-old girl had made threats toward the school and specific students.

The same day, investigators served a search warrant at the girl’s home and reportedly discovered weapons and ammunition. They also collected personal writings and other personal items as evidence.

Investigators say that they believe the girl was the only possible suspect in the attack and that all of the alleged targets of the attack have been notified.

The girl was charged with threats to perform acts of violence.

Due to her age, her identity is not being released.

The Tonkawa Police Department urges any student or parent who may have information and/or details regarding this plot, to contact the Tonkawa Police Department at (580) 628-2516.