OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One man is in custody after allegedly shooting a woman and her daughter. The woman was found dead in the apartment while the daughter is now at the hospital in stable condition.

“There was an altercation of some kind, involving one of the daughters,” said Sgt. Rob Robertson, spokesperson for the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The relationship between the alleged shooter and the woman is unclear, but they had a daughter together, according to Robertson.

However, Robertson said the daughter who was shot and taken to the hospital was not their child.

The shooting happened at the Cornerstone Apartments, along the I-240 Service Road.

Once police arrived, officers found the daughter outside the apartment. For a time, police did not know if both the mother and the man were still alive inside.

But once police attempted to enter the apartment, the man came out and surrendered.

Robertson was asked if the woman died on scene.

“That is my understanding,” said the OKCPD spokesman.

No names have been released yet.