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YUKON, Okla.- A trip to Target leaves two local mothers fearing for the safety of their children, and one of them is warning others about potential predators that could be lurking around the metro.

“I needed to run to Target to get a few things,” she said, but Jennifer Rigdon’s quick run to the store turned out to be a pretty big scare for her and her three young children.

They were just about finished shopping and needed to grab one last thing when Rigdon noticed something that caught her attention.

“At this time this gentleman walked by, and he didn’t have anything in his hands,” she said. “He didn’t have a cart, and he stared at them and me for what I felt like was too long.”

She grabbed her children and headed for the registers.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but the man was following them.

“I came out of the aisle, and that’s when I looked back and I saw that he was right there,” Rigdon said.

And it wasn’t her imagination.

“Another mom came up to me and said, ‘I just want you to be really careful. I’ve been watching these guys, and I just saw him give his partner who standing five feet in front of me with an empty basket a hand signal and point to your kids and you,’” she said.

Rigdon alerted store employees and said the men then quickly ran out of the store.

Both women say they experienced the same thing and called police.

Authorities combed over store surveillance video and say while the men did nothing illegal, their actions were definitely suspicious.

“The two individuals just from their motions in watching them move through the store they weren’t in there just to shop,” Yukon Police Captain Mitch Hoskins said. “They were in there lurking around doing something.”

“I thought I was paranoid until the other mom came up, and she had three small children, too,” Rigdon said. “She noticed the exact same things that I was seeing.”

Detectives say they are carefully reviewing surveillance video to try to identify the suspects.

Surveillance video from Target captured images of these two men matching the description of the alleged suspects
Surveillance video from Target captured images of these two men matching the description of the alleged suspects

If you have any information or if you have a similar experience, contact police.