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OKLAHOMA CITY – A bizarre and violent series of events at an Oklahoma City apartment involving Bible burning, blood, a “homosexual demon” and destruction, has landed a man behind bars.

22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson
22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson

According to Oklahoma City police, 22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson is being held at the Oklahoma County jail Thursday after a violent episode at his apartment on the 1400 block of S. Indiana Ave.

Officers said they were called to the Oklahoma City apartment Wednesday for a reported “person going ballistic.”

Officers said the caller mentioned a man whose face was bloody had kicked a heavy apartment door off its hinges, poured salt and soap all over himself and was breaking glass and other objects.

When officers got to the apartment, they said they found Anderson, whose face and hands were covered in blood, screaming random things on the front porch.

An officer said Anderson was “clearly out of touch with reality.”

The police report states Anderson started to throw glass objects and furniture from the apartment through the door and broken windows.

As the ordeal continued, officers tried to reason with Anderson.

When that didn’t work they tried to taze him to bring him under control but Anderson ripped the probes from his skin and yelled the tazer wouldn’t affect him.

Officers said, at one point, Anderson told them to put down their weapons and he would “fist fight them.”

Authorities used a sledge hammer to get into the house and found the walls and floor were covered in blood, bleach and other “substances.”

Anderson's Oklahoma City apartment
Anderson’s Oklahoma City apartment

A small fire was burning near the stove which quickly filled the house with smoke.

Officers said they were finally able to subdue Anderson with tazers during a smoke-blinded scuffle inside the apartment; he was immediately taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, officers said Anderson told them he had not done anything wrong, that he was just remodeling his house.

Moments later he admitted he knew he needed to be on medication.

The police report states Anderson said he started the fire in his apartment because he was “cooking the Bible” because he was a “Satanist.”

Anderson told officers he met a “possessed homosexual demon” who wanted drugs from him and performed sexual acts on him.

He said he “wasn’t gay, just high” and when he came to his senses, he couldn’t believe he let the male demon touch him.

Officers said Anderson said if he would have had a gun, he would have shot and killed his neighbors and then shot and killed officers when they arrived.

Anderson is facing first-degree arson charges; others could be added.