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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man is facing charges after allegedly breaking into a woman’s guest house and destroying her property.

On Dec. 3, officers were called to a home in northwest Oklahoma City after a homeowner said someone broke into their guest house in the backyard.

When officers arrived, they heard someone breaking things in the guest house and were able to unlock the door.

As they walked inside the guest house, they allegedly found 32-year-old Felipe Martinez naked and hiding on top of a water heater.

“[Martinez} had thrown things everywhere and broken televisions, paintings and pictures, broken the sink, toilet, water heater, ceiling fan, refrigerator, and several other expensive items inside,” the police report states.

According to the report, this was not Martinez’s first stop.

Earlier in the evening, officers say they rushed to a call about an accident, where they say Martinez ran his sister’s car into a Fed-Ex truck.

Courtney Goss and her husband watched the incident from their dinner table.

“i mean I was surprised he didn’t dent the FedEx truck,” Goss said.

She said Martinez took off and was really surprised when he rolled up to the crime scene.

“Came back and got in the FedEx car and I guess started giving the FedEx guy a hard time because we saw the FedEx truck going back and forth,” Goss said.

At that point, authorities claim Martinez got into an altercation with the Fed-Ex driver after he “tried to steal the Fed-Ex truck.”

Witnesses claim he also got into a truck nearby and tried to get into a stranger’s home.

Martinez was arrested for second-degree burglary and destruction of property.