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An Oklahoma City man is facing a host of charges for assaulting firefighters during what police say was a drug fueled rampage.

A roll over accident at the intersection of NW 122nd and May starts off an unbelievable chain of violence.

“The victim in that car was transported to the hospital. The driver of the vehicle that actually caused the accident had fled on foot,” Jennifer Wardlow with Oklahoma City Police.

The man hitting the pavement, police say is James Harmon 6’7 weighing 330 pounds.

“Witnesses said this man was stripping off his clothing running around kind of acting crazy,” said Wardlow.

His behavior investigators say, was a side effect of being on the drug PCP. But Harmon’s reported spree of destruction only picks up from there. Witnesses told officers using “super human strength” he begins attacking people and vehicles in his path.

Wardlow said, “He actually jumped on the hood of a vehicle and smashed out the window with his hands.”

After vandalizing that car witnesses say Harmon hopped on another vehicle…but this one was moving.

“I heard he was on some cars and may have even ridden one partially down the street. He did a lot of things that were very belligerent and dangerous,” said Battalion Chief Stanaland.

Officials said Harmon soon made his way to Fire Station 15, not far from the original car crash

“We frequently come in contact with people who are high on drugs but again, this extreme where you see this man running and breaking out a window and punching a firefighter is fortunately something we don’t see too often,” said Wardlow.

The police report states Harmon punched a firefighter in the face causing a nose bleed.

Stanaland said, “Most of our firefighters are very strong individuals, exercise regularly, lift a lot of weights because of the nature of the job of firefighting.”

But it took several ladder men to hold Harmon down until police arrived.
Harmon is facing a host of charges including destruction of property, assault and battery on a city official, resisting arrest and the list goes on and on.