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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — You first saw it on KFOR Tuesday evening – a high-speed chase spanning across two counties as the wanted man sped away on a stolen ATV, before crashing out in muddy water.

“I can tell you that this guy possibly has one handcuff on one of his hands. I believe they had him in custody at one time,” said Chopper 4 Pilot Mason Dunn.

“A Jones officer was transporting a prisoner to the Oklahoma County Detention Center on charges of grand larceny,” said Officer David Cagle, Jones Police Department. “Basically, suspicion of stealing catalytic converters and copper wire and things like this.”

But Jones Police say the suspect, now identified as Lucas Strider, got the door of a patrol unit open and escaped into the woods.

He was then later spotted in Edmond.

Edmond Police released dash and bodycam footage of the start of their pursuit.

“We’re at Edmond Road and Santa Fe. He’s cutting through the parking lot of the Casey’s here,” Edmond police said on dashcam footage.

And a mile up, cutting through oncoming traffic and into a bank parking lot and then behind a church.

“He’s made it into an area I can’t drive my car right now,” Edmond police said on dashcam footage.

“We lost him for a little bit. Ended up picking him back up and the pursuit continued. It went into Oklahoma City’s jurisdiction, back into Edmond. Ultimately, we ended up in Logan County, outside of our jurisdiction,” said Emily Ward, Edmond Police Department.

Chopper 4 followed closely along as Strider led police north to logan county…

The ATV reached speeds over 70 miles per hour and police used tactics to force him into the mud.

Strider then wiped out and surrendered to the police.

“Get on the ground!” Edmond police were heard saying on bodycam footage.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Edmond police say Strider will also be facing out of custody charges for eluding police.

His booking charges show he was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.