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OKLAHOMA CITY – More than a dozen incidents of disturbances or fights have been reported at John Marshall Middle School since the school year began about 2 weeks ago.

The list of incidents includes disorderly conduct, a fight at school, and an assault.

All of this coming out after a teacher was injured Monday during one of these incidents.

We reached out to Oklahoma City Public Schools to see what changes they are making to keep the students safe in response the district released this statement:

“Admittedly, John Marshall Middle School (JMMS) opened this year with some challenges.
In addition to investing in the relationships among students and staff, OKCPS has implemented several new operational processes that we believe will lead to a strong school culture and will provide an outstanding learning environment.
First, JMMS has some unique challenges that come from the layout of the building itself. So, to help ensure adequate supervision of students at all times, we are implementing a new process for staff to follow before/after school and during passing periods. Additional security specialists will also join the team to speed up the scanning process as students arrive, which will allow them more time to eat breakfast before school begins. School leaders also worked closely to design solutions to some of the challenges our students and families experienced during the dismissal process in the early days.
However, the biggest hurdle currently being addressed at JMMS is the student master schedule. Typically, school leaders would make small adjustments within existing schedules to address any issue that arose. However, with the challenges experienced so far this school year, district and school leaders believe these issues will be better resolved through a total redesign of student schedules. This redesign will provide more balanced class sizes and will allow for one lunch period per grade, which means students will have more time to enjoy lunch with classmates. This schedule update will also support collaboration and team building for teachers within each grade level.
We believe these efforts will positively impact student behavior and ultimately the overall school culture at John Marshall Middle School. We deeply appreciate the support of our JMMS families and staff, and we ask for their continued patience as we address these challenges together.”

Students in Monday’s fight could still face criminal charges as well as punishment from the school.