OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An armed serial robber took police on quite the foot chase Friday.

That suspect, now behind bars, is potentially connected to ten robberies in the last ten days. 

The Oklahoma City Police Department arrested Marcus C. Harris Friday around 3 p.m.

He’s accused of being involved in a series of recent robberies.

KFOR is told Harris could be connected to two robberies on Friday — at a GameStop on Northwest Expressway and a Family Dollar on Northwest 10th St. — as well as a Cricket Wireless robbery on Hefner Rd. Thursday.

Along with those, OKCPD said he’s potentially involved in seven other robberies in the last ten days.

Officers found Harris at a traffic stop Friday afternoon near Northwest 122nd St. and Walker Ave, but during it he fled on foot into a nearby Chisolm Creek neighborhood.

“He went over the fence and he had a pretty good lead on the officers who were on foot,” said Cpt. Michelle Henderson. “He was running through backyards. We were concerned that he was going to kick in a door which we did not want that to happen. So, we were able to stop him before he was able to do anything else.”

Through a coordinated effort of ground officers, K9’s, and their Air 1 helicopter, OKCPD arrested Harris in one of the backyards.

“It’s always a team effort and we worked well as a team today,” said Henderson.

Henderson said Harris faces multiple charges of armed robbery.