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OKLAHOMA CITY — Police say it appears burglars were busy overnight, hitting nearly half a dozen businesses across the metro. The suspects smashed their way in through windows and doors to get away with the goods.

NewsChannel 4 caught up with the sales manager at one of the stores that was targeted.

Edgar Gonzalez works for a cell phone store near S.W. 29th and Western.

“Today, we’re not going to make any business at all. We’re just fixing the door,” Gonzalez said.

Police say at least four stores were hit on the city’s southwest side. Along with the cell phone store, loan shops, and even a liquor store fell victim to the robberies.

Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow said, “It looks like at a number of these businesses, there were concrete landscaping blocks used to break out the windows, which is how they were able to gain access to the business.”

At the liquor store, it appears the bars on the windows kept the suspects from actually getting inside. The other stores weren’t so lucky.

At Gonzalez’s store, the burglars took cell phones worth close to $200 each. They even managed to snag the entire cash register.

Gonzalez says surveillance cameras captured the suspects breaking in to the store… Then it shows the suspects return after police are gone.

When the burglars returned to the cell phone store, the alarm did not go off again, since it had already gone off and police had checked the scene.

While police may not have any leads yet, they have access to the surveillance footage, which will hopefully help them catch the burglars.

The store employees and owners are just hoping the suspects will be caught before they do any more damage.

Gonzalez said, “It kind of kills the whole day, because now, I have to tell customers to go to our other locations.”

He said for some reason, police were not able to reach the owner overnight. So at some point, the store and broken front door were left unattended.

That surveillance footage is not available yet for us to see. However, if you have information that could help police, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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