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UPDATE — Authorities with the Moore High School say they have found the man who was able to make it into a local high school without authorization, and he will not face any criminal charges.

Police say they received a tip that helped find the man just minutes after their press conference.

The man was questioned at his home, where police say he admitted he was asking students where police were located in the high school. He claims he only wanted to donate a dog to officers.

Police are in the process of verifying his story, but say they believe he poses no threat.

MOORE, Okla. – Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, with the Moore Police Department, says a man was able to make it through an unlocked door into the performing arts building and into the cafeteria of Moore High School.

“It’s very concerning that he was able to enter the school unannounced, unconfronted, that’s concerning.  That’s something that has to be fixed,” said Lewis.

On Sept. 23, officers with the Moore Police Department say the man, who was not authorized to go into the building, spoke with two students and a staff member.

Authorities say they became concerned by the type of questions he was asking.

However, police are not giving details related to those questions.

They also said what sparked their interest was the description of the man.

He was described as of Middle Eastern descent with a thick accent.

In all, the Moore Police Department says the incident lasted three to four minutes.

Lewis says the police department wasn’t notified about the breach of security until Friday.

He says a parent of a student notified the principal after learning about the attack at Vaughan Foods.

However, Lewis says these two cases are not related in any way.

On Wednesday, officers say the man was identified and is cooperating with the Moore Police Department.

The Moore Public Schools superintendent released a letter to parents about the breach of security.letter

“Further investigation revealed that the unknown individual conversed with a Moore High School teacher regarding his interest in enrolling his children,” the letter read.