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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A burglary scare turned into a nightmare for one Oklahoma City family when the police officer checking on their home, shot and killed their dog.

“He told me that he ended up having to shoot one of my dogs,” Chris Reeves said.

Reeves showed up moments after police to hear that devastating news.

Turns out, the storm tripped his alarm.

Police didn’t have to face any burglars but said they told Reeves they were forced to shoot his dog, Nera, in the leg.

“I leaned down to see how she was doing,” Reeves said. “She was on her side and it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t her leg. She’d been shot through the shoulder to the chest.”

Nera didn’t make it.

Now the Reeves hope other pet owners take their advice.

“If you do send a policeman to your house somehow let them know, ask the home security company to let them know, that you have dogs in the back yard,” Melanie Reeves said. “If we would have done that, that would have solved this problem.”

An irreversible problem the family struggles with.

“I’m thankful that the police officer came out quickly, that we live in a city where we can depend on police to react quickly,” Chris Reeves said. “I struggle with the actions that he took to protect himself.”

The family feels the officer could have used pepper spray or fired a shot into the ground to scare the dogs away.

“It’s just sad and it’s tragic and I feel like Nera shouldn’t have died this way,” Chris Reeves said. “She should still be with us.”

Police would not comment on the case.

Investigators said the report is not yet available.