Police still searching for clues 2 months after 15-year-old was abducted

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VALLEJO, Calif. – It’s been two months since a 15-year-old California girl was abducted, but authorities say they are no closer to finding her.

“We don’t know where she’s at, what she’s going through, or who she’s with,” Rose Pinson, the victim’s sister, said.

Pearl Pinson was kidnapped in May by Fernando Castro, authorities say.

Witnesses told police that they heard gunshots and spotted a bleeding girl screaming for help as she was being pulled away by a man.

Blood was found on the ground, but investigators did not find Pearl.

Pinson was identified as the victim after she never arrived at school that day.

The alleged suspect, Fernando Castro, was killed in a shootout with police the next day, leaving police with even more questions.

“If you see or know anything, call 911. If you even see someone that looks like her, just call right away. One phone call can change everything and change her life,” Pinson told KRON.

Now, authorities are asking for helping finding Pearl.


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