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BETHANY, Okla. – Warr Acres and Bethany police are warning residents about possible scams in their neighborhood. Officers said suspects posing as utility workers may be responsible for a number of recent burglaries.

Authorities said, if a person comes to your door claiming to be with a utility company, have them wait outside while you contact the company to verify their identity.

If they are unable to, call the police. Police are sending out this warning after the most recent burglary on the 5300 block of N. Hammond.

Officers said the suspect knocked on an elderly couple’s front door, claiming to be a utility company employee.

The suspect asked the couple to take him through their home to the back yard where he claimed he needed to clear tree branches away from the power lines.

Once the man claiming to be with the utility company left, the elderly couple said they noticed several things missing from their home.

In other cases, officials said suspects claiming to be roofers asked homeowners to allow them on top of their houses to inspect their roofs.

In the Warr Acres case, authorities said they are searching for a 200-pound white or Hispanic man who is about 5-foot-10 seen driving a white S-10 pickup truck.