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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City woman known for her love of animals faces animal cruelty charges after police say she killed her dog.

Neighbors like Willis Moses know 22-year-old Sammie Bruhwiler as the lady with her little dog. Her friends say it was a shih tzu.

“She seemed very happy with the dog, and I thought it would be alright,” said Moses.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Just before 11:30 Thursday night, Susie Rogers heard a scream.

“Like hysterical screaming real loud,” said Rogers.

When officers arrived, they found Bruhwiler, seemingly drunk, holding her dead dog.  Its fur was matted with blood. Inside officers say they found puddles of blood and two knives, also covered in blood.

According to the police,the woman told the officer that her dog had puss and fleas. She said her mother told her she should shave or cut the dog’s fur.

Officers say they found blood throughout the home.  They also found two knives, a pocket knife and a silver blade, covered in blood.

Despite the blood, investigators say it appears the dog was strangled or suffocated.

Bruhwiler’s friends wouldn’t go on camera but say she loved animals so much. They even say she volunteered at the shelters.

“I can’t believe that. She seemed like a nice little girl, had her life together,” said Moses. “And she loved that little dog, seemed like it to me.”