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JUPITER, Florida – Police found a graphic scene inside a Florida home that after conducting a welfare check that shocked neighbors.

About 100 dead ball pythons starved and rotting in stacked plastic bins in a house filled with dog feces and urine.

“They had to come back and almost dress up in hazmat suits to go back in,” neighbor Rob Long told WBTV. “It’s just heartbreaking. I mean, if she needed help I’m sure there were a lot of people that would have helped her out,” Long said.

Wildlife officials accompanied officers and also rescued a few living animals – two dogs, two tortoises, two parakeets in feces-filled cages, and two ball pythons.

Police cited Jennifer Morrison for animal abandonment, though it’s not clear why she allegedly abandoned the animals.

“This is a life. This is not a piece of machinery or, you know, something that sits on the shelf that doesn’t require maintenance,” said Aaron Joyce, owner of Wild Cargo Pets in West Palm Beach. “These animals were voiceless, they were dying in deplorable conditions. That’s a shame,” Joyce said.

Morrison has been charged with misdemeanor animal abandonment. Her court date is set for April 12th.